Trading strategies

Forex market strategy is a set of rules and algorithms according to which trading is conducted on the market. This set of rules describes the conditions under which transactions are opened or closed. The strategy may include an algorithm for placing stop loss and take profit orders, money management, etc.

Depending on what trading tools a trader uses, you can conditionally divide the strategies into the following:
FxGen Indicator strategies. Here, the main role is given to forex indicators. There is a high probability that the strategy will cease to be profitable because the settings of the indicators will cease to be relevant. Optimization of such a strategy is possible, but it will have to be done.
FxGen Based on candlesticks and graphical analysis. These Forex strategies are based on graphical constructions and Price Action patterns. It does not become obsolete over time, as technical analysis is one of the main powerful tools of a trader.
FxGen News Strategies: Trading is in an attempt to catch price movements after news releases. That is, the trader trades on impulse movements of quotes.

When choosing (we especially pay attention to beginners), keep in mind that even the most effective trading strategies can be unprofitable if the trader does not 100% follow all its rules. It is of course necessary to take into account your own preferences, and not be guided by the result of the strategy test or feedback from other traders.

In order to build your effective strategy, you need to back it up with fresh analytical or news data, as well as expert forecasts in this area.