Fibonacci calculator

The Fibonacci Calculator is a high-quality and powerful tool that performs technical analysis and improves the trading results of a trader. Fibonacci calculator is one of the most popular and convenient tools for a trader. Using the Fibonacci calculator, an experienced trader will be able to detect on the chart the price, the purpose of its correction and the direction of the continuation of the trend. This information will help assess the market situation and make a choice about the next steps. To date, unfortunately, methods have not yet been invented that would always work with one hundred percent result. The tools and methods of technical analysis are completely based on mathematical analysis. If these calculations turn out to be incorrect, then the market turns against you. Therefore, we always pay attention that you should never be sure that a trend will bring you guaranteed profit. Consider the sequence of Fibonacci levels as a strategy that works in your favor only when the trend moves in the direction you need. This strategy will allow you to choose the most effective entry and exit points. The key Fibonacci levels are usually considered 38.2%, 50% and 61.8%. These levels provide the most support or resistance for any change in course. With the help of Fibonacci levels, you can determine both possible correction goals and the trend continuation goals. For example, if the trend is upward, expansion will occur in an upward direction. Please note that these levels should be above the current price, indicating possible levels of profit taking. Fibonacci levels are used to calculate price pivot points and adjust strategies. It is necessary to find a significant minimum and maximum of the last price movement on the quotation chart in order to determine important points. After determining the values, you can enter these price indicators in the calculator windows and click "Calculate". The calculator will do the calculation on its own and give the necessary values. Using the Fibonacci calculator will significantly improve the quality of your trading.