Deposit bonus program rules

FxGen Bonus - a deposit bonus that is credited when opening an account and crediting funds to it
1 LOT = 10 $ For example: for 500 bonus funds you need to close 50 lots
1FXGEN LTD has the right to cancel the Bonus if the client withdraws funds from the account if the conditions for the number of closed lots are not met,
and also after the Bonus expires.
2FXGEN LTD reserves the right to refuse a client to receive a Bonus without giving any reason.
3The FxGen Bonus can be obtained by depositing funds to a trading account on the MetaTrader 5 platform.
4FxGen Bonus is credited at the moment of depositing the account, provided that the Client has made a request to receive the Bonus through technical support.
You can withdraw bonus funds from the trading account without restrictions! The client has the right to withdraw bonus funds from the account only after fulfilling the conditions for the number of closed lots in accordance with calculator for calculating bonuses
The calculation of the turnover includes only closed deals made with FOREX and CFD instruments for metals
Transactions must meet the following conditions:
FxGen The duration of the transaction must be
at least 5 minutes (300 seconds)
FxGen The difference between the opening price and the closing price of a deal must be
at least 0.05% of the opening price (equivalent to 0.0005 points in EUR / USD)
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The company provides a Welcome Bonus in the amount of 10% of the amount deposited into the trading account.
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