Bonus 30% per annum

You can get a guaranteed income of 30% per annum for every $ 1000 of your own funds.
With active trading, the Company will charge 2.5% per month of real funds to your trading account.
1When funds are withdrawn from a trading account during the billing month, interest will not be charged.
2Проценты начисляются ежемесячно в период с 1 по 5 число, начInterest is calculated monthly from the 1st to the 5th day, starting from the month following the month in which the trading account was opened and replenished.иная с месяца, следующего за месяцем, в котором был открыт и пополнен торговый счет.
3The number of transactions for each 1000 funds (including open positions) at the beginning of the month on the trading account must be at least 4 lots during the settlement month.
The calculation of the turnover includes only closed deals made with FOREX and CFD instruments for metals
Transactions must meet the following conditions:
FxGen Продолжительность сделки должна быть
не менее 5 минут (300 секунд) at least 5 minutes (300 seconds) >
FxGen The difference between the opening price and the closing price of a deal must be
at least 0.05% of the opening price (equivalent to 0.0005 points in EUR / USD)
Example of bonus calculation If, at the beginning of the calculation period, there is an amount of 6000 own funds on your trading account and an additional 3000 bonus funds were accrued. This means that in order to receive 2.5% at the end of the month, you must comply with the conditions for this calculation. 4 lots x 6 (For every 1000 of your own funds) + 4 lots x 3 (For every 1000 bonus funds) = at least 36 lots during the settlement month If your profit was 1000 during the settlement month, then the calculation of the bonus will be equal to: 6000 own funds + 1000 earned funds = 7000 $ Accordingly, if the condition for trading activity is met, at the beginning of the month following the calculated one, you will be credited: 7000: 100% x 2.5% = 175 $

* The client has the right to receive a bonus only upon a written request to the support service when opening an account

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