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The Bonus program rules

FxGen Bonus is a deposit bonus. It’s credited on the account opening and on the deposit
1FXGEN LTD has the right to cancel the bonus in case the customer neglects the conditions, concerning closing the lots. The bonus can be also cancelled when it expires.
2FXGEN LTD has the right to refuse the customer in getting the bonus with no explanations.
3FxGen BONUS can be received on the trading account deposit on MetaTrader 5 platform.
4FxGen BONUS can be received on the account deposit if the customer has applied for the bonus via customer support before.
No limits on the trading account withdrawal!The customer has the right for bonus money withdrawal only if the conditions
on the amount of closed lots are fulfilled, according to the bonus calculator
Only closed FOREX and CFD metal transactions
are concerned in the calculation
The transactions must meet the following conditions:
FxGen The transaction time should be not more than 5 minutes (300 seconds)
FxGen The difference between opening and closing price transaction must be not less than 0,05% from the opening price (~ 0,0005 point EUR/USD)
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