More than 13 years
of the professional
work on Forex market
We offer Forex market trading
with cryptocurrencies as the basic assets
one of the first Forex
market projects
using only digital input and output assets

About us

FxGen activities are regulated by the FSA, the main regulatory authority in Fr. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Due to the stringent requirements of the authority we are concerned to provide the fastest transactions speed as it’s one of the key Forex successful trading factors! We want to be Number One with our customers in the world of trading. So we use the most progressive data processing and technical support technologies on our platforms.
We are constantly improving our methods such as adopting blockchain. Our platform utilises a leading data processing method which seamlessly integrates with stock markets around the world. We always keep up with the times and meticulously plan so we remain at the cutting edge.
Be the first with FxGen - trader Number One,
using cryptocurrency as a basic asset!
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Blockchain is a technology which saves both the users’ money and HDD space. It’s a great opportunity, supporting cryptocurrencies high liquidity.

All the leading stock markets – Nasdaq, NYSE, London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange have already been working with blockchain for a long time. The first stock exchanges, started using this technology – Trafigura, the Netherland raw exchange market, and the French Bank, Natixis. They used the blockchain for the transactions on the US oil market.

Thanks to the blockchain, a trader can optimise the process on creating one access point to all the data. It helps not only to save time, but also to get great arbitrary opportunities. A full analysis in time helps to earn big money on a small difference in the assets prices.

We use the following documents and internal rules, including the data protection Policies
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Registry address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Activities are regulated by FSA St Vincent & The Grenadines
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Phone number: +1 (315) 544 0500

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